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24 hours culture live streaming from eight different places in Stockholm

United we stream 6 juni StockholmUnited we stream 6 juni Stockholm

United We Stream, the fenomena from Berlin that have brought millions to nightlife struggling during the corona pandemic, is coming to Stockholm June 6th.


Together with the City of Stockholm and Visit Stockholm the live broadcast festival United We Stream Sthlm will take place in eight different locations in Stockholm for 24 hours June 6 – June 7. 


The purpose of United We Stream Sthlm is to raise money for venues, technical producers and artists in Stockholm affected by the corona pandemic. 


The initiator of the project is the Stockholm Night Council with, among others, Jakob Grandin (Gather Festival, Trädgården Stockholm) and Johanna Beckman (Creative Director Trädgården Stockholm).


– This is a chance to really show off Stockholm as the vibrant city it really is, 24 hours a day. We will be the first country in the world to showcase eight magical places that represent Stockholm's diversity and expression through United We Stream, says Jakob Grandin


The artists involved are not yet official, but the schedule looks as follows:

Hosoi 10am–1pm 

Södra Teatern 1pm–4pm 

Trädgården 4pm–8pm

City Hall 8pm–10pm 

Department Förbindelsehallen 10pm–2am 

New Hours 2am–6am 

Hammarbybacken 3.30am–5am

Skogen 6am–10am


– It is fantastic that Stockholm's nightlife merges into "United We Stream" and creates a digital event that engages many in this very challenging time. Music and entertainment is an important part of Stockholm's identity and attractiveness, which we must all cherish, says Anna König Jerlmyr, the Mayor of Stockholm.


All live broadcasts are shown free of charge via United We Stream Stockholm platforms. Donations and support tickets for the initiative are purchased and donated via unitedwestream.se.


– The initiative in Berlin managed to raise over SEK 3 million the first week, and our goal is to try to match it – if not break it. There are so many within Stockholm’s nightlife who need financial support not to go bankrupcy. We must together ensure that there is some nightlife still to enjoy when the pandemic is over, says Jakob Grandin.


The vision is also that United We Stream Sthlm will continue to live after June 6 and involve more organizers in Stockholm's nightlife.


– We hope to inspire others and continue United We Stream together in Stockholm and Sweden, says Jakob Grandin.


– In the wake of the pandemic, Stockholm's cultural players are facing a historically major challenge. In order for Stockholm's luminosity and creative glow not to fade, it is important not to lose hope, and to continue to work forward. The fact that Sweden and Stockholm can participate in this international initiative for the benefit of nightclubs around the world, United We Stream, is absolutely fantastic. My position is that we politicians should be enablers, not brake pads, and I am proud that the City of Stockholm is part of this creative initiative to contribute to the survival of nightlife, says Vice Mayor fo Culture and Urban Environment Jonas Naddebo (C).


About United We Stream & United We Stream Sthlm

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, the world's cultural and music scene has faced its greatest challenge ever. On Monday, March 23, the Berlin nightclubs was officially closed to prevent the spread of the virus. This meant that tens of thousands of employees and artists in the cultural and music scene suddenly stood without income and many clubs and festivals that usually make up a large part of Berlin's identity risked bankruptcy.


The city's response to the crisis was one of solidarity. United We Stream Berlin was launched on March 18 and has since delivered a packed program with live broadcasts almost every day from Berlin's affected clubs, including Watergate, Berghain, KaterBlau, Wilden Renate and Tresor. During the first two weeks of the initiative, United We Stream Berlin raised over € 330,000 with live broadcasts that had more than five million views the first week.


Today, the initiative has been spread to all corners of the world with incredibly successful examples such as United We Stream Manchester and Amsterdam. On June 6, Sweden and United We Stream Stockholm will be the first to perform a 24-hour live broadcast from eight different locations.


About Visit Stockholm

Visit Stockholm is the official destination development company for the city of Stockholm. We are dedicated place makers and promoters for Stockholm the open city under the brand – The Capital of Scandinavia. Visit Stockholm is a subsidiary of Stockholm Business Region, owned by the city of Stockholm. www.visitstockholm.com www.investstockholm.com www.stockholmbusinessregion.com