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All you need to know about ABBA and Music in Stockholm


On 7 May, the ABBA The Museum and the Swedish Music Hall of Fame in a newly built house on the green island of Djurgården in central Stockholm. Here we have gathered everything you need to know about the pop group ABBA, which places in Stockholm they love, the new music house, facts about music nation and how you can experience the best Swedish music live in Stockholm.

ABBA: Walk in the footsteps in Stockholm
The pop group ABBA loved Stockholm. This is where they found inspiration for their music, where they lived and where they shot all the music videos. Did you know that most of the album covers uses Stockholm as their backdrop?

ABBA - The Museum
An interactive journey through one of the biggest success stories in music history. Here the visitor will get close to the band by experiencing what it’s like to be the fifth member of ABBA, get on stage together with the other members, enter the Polar studio and see what he or she looks like in ABBA’s legendary costumes, and much more.
ABBA - Facts about the pop group
ABBA - Images of the group and the museum

Swedish Music Hall of Fame: An entire building dedicated to music
Swedish Music Hall of Fame is the place where Swedish popular music and its rich history will run free with unique events, exclusive performances, interesting exhibitions and a "Hall of Fame" of the legends of Swedish popular music. The building will also house ABBA The Museum, Melody Hotel, a restaurant, a bar and a shop.

Explore Stockholm - one of the world's leading music cities
Want to take part of Stockholm rich musical life. Here are stories and news. 
Inspiration guide to Stockholm's live stage
New music festivals in Stockholm 
Djurgården a new hub for live music  
Club life moves outdoors in June (Not published until May 1)

Facts: About Swedish Music
Although Sweden is a relatively small country, Sweden is one of the leading music-producing countries.
Facts about music in Sweden
Stockholm - Creativity in Music

Stockholm a scene for Creativity
Stockholm is the innovative and economic motor of Scandinavia. But as opposed to the creator of dynamite Alfred Nobel and the father of the pacemaker Rune Elmqvist, the new, Swedish trailblazers come from completely different sectors – among them Niklas Zennström, the man behind Skype and Daniel Ek who gave us Spotify just to name a few. The creative industry with its fashion, design, music, computer games, film, literature and advertising has utterly exploded and continues to grow. Seen internationally, Stockholm is behind a disproportionally large portion of global development.
Stockholm - A Scene for creativity
Stockholm - Creativity in Film
Stockholm - Creativity in Computergames



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