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New mobile app lets music lovers and gamers explore Stockholm


Stockholm Sounds is no traditional tourist guide. The mobile app offers visitors a gamified experience of sonic Stockholm. 

Visitors to Stockholm have a new treat coming. Whether you’re in Stockholm for business or pleasure, Stockholm Sounds enhances the experience with a unique, game-based app.  

The Stockholm Sounds app, now released in a beta version for iPhone, shows visitors the way to some of Stockholm’s known and unknown music and sound locations. The app suggests places and experiences based on your location, each offering its own challenge, history, quiz or gaming session.
The app is free of charge and does not require Wi-Fi or data roaming. Visitors arriving at Stockholm Arlanda Airport receive their first assignment directly, but the challenge can be started anywhere in the world. 

If the users succeed in carrying out the assignment, they gain access to unique experiences, events and rewards.

40+ location-based challenges 
Stockholm Sounds incorporates some 40 locations around the city, all connected to music and sound experiences. 

Some of the locations include: 

  • What’s the sound of sushi? Discover more at one of Stockholm’s best kept secrets, Akki Sushi, in the trendy Södermalm district
  • Music quiz at Pet Sounds – the app guides you around Northern Europe’s best-preserved record store
  • The Stampen Blues Jam – jam with jazz giants including Lucky Thompson, Dizzie Gillespie and Sweden’s own jazz diva Monica Zetterlund, who were all regulars at Stockholm’s cozy Stampen jazz club
  • Experience Voodoo music at Marie Laveau, Södermalm’s own cajun hang-out
  • Find out about (and enjoy!) green drinks and sounds in Strindberg’s Red room at Berns entertainment palace
Unique sound installations around the city
Through the Stockholm Sounds app, visitors also get access to six unique, interactive and challenging sound installations around town, all creations by sound performer Håkan Lidbo. Rather than revealing them in plain text, we keep them for the users to discover…

How to get started
Download the Stockholm Sounds app free of charge from Apple’s iTunes Store and start playing straight away – right where you are: 

About Stockholm Sounds
Stockholm Sounds is a pilot project within the Stockholm tourism and hospitality industry and is operated by Stockholm Business Region in cooperation with Spotify, Swedish Music Hall of Fame, Swedavia and the sound artist Håkan Lidbo, among others. The application has been developed by the game development company Pergate.

Stockholm Business Region
Stockholm Business Region promote and develop Stockholm as a business and tourist destination together with its subsidiaries Stockholm Business Region Development and Stockholm Visitors Board. The Stockholm region is marketed under the common brand Stockholm - The Capital of Scandinavia. Stockholm Business Region is a municipal company, wholly-owned by the City of Stockholm.www.investstockholm.comwww.visitstockholm.com

About Visit Stockholm

Visit Stockholm is the official tourism promotion agency of Stockholm. We work with the international marketing and development of Stockholm as a travel destination under the brand Stockholm – The Capital of Scandinavia. Visit Stockholm is a subsidiary of Stockholm Business Region, owned by the city of Stockholm. www.visitstockholm.com www.investstockholm.com www.stockholmbusinessregion.com


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