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Stockholm Pride attracts international visitors


Stockholm has become a popular destination for LGBT travelers from around the world. This is especially apparent during Stockholm Pride, one of Stockholm's largest annual event.

- Stockholm Pride has a reputation around the world to be both safe and fun. Our partners have noticed an increase in international LGBT travelers during Pride Week, especially from the USA, says Christina Guggenberger, Project Manager Stockholm Gay and Lesbian Network within Stockholm Visitors Board

For nearly a decade, the City of Stockholm, through Stockholm Gay & Lesbian Network, has actively worked to attract LGBT travelers to Stockholm. A combination of an open and diverse city, targeted marketing to put Stockholm on the LGBT map along with the image of Sweden as an open country standing up for human rights has been some of the success factors.

The City of Stockholm supports Stockholm Pride
The LGBT visitor is an important group for the City of Stockholm. 450 000 SEK (70000 USD/45 000 GBP) is given yearly by Stockholm Visitors board for marketing the festival.

- The Pridefestival builds the Stockholm brand as an open and welcoming city. It is an important issue, especially now that the LGBT movement has been difficult in other countries, says Olle Zetterberg, CEO of Stockholm Business Region

Stockholm Pride focuses on Russia
With the Stockholm Pride campaign “gowest2013.com” and the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt's condemnation of the Russian Duma's change in the law that prohibits "homosexual propaganda" are two strong signals that Sweden does not accept the oppression that LGBT people are forced to live in Russia.

- We cannot stand silent and watch while a Pride-festival becomes an illegal act and can’t be implemented in Russia. Pride is an important symbol of the freedom to love anyone. With the gowest2013- campaign, we urge anyone who has a voice to show LGBTQ people in Russia there are many people in Sweden who joins their fight, says Peter Rimsby, president of Stockholm Pride.

Stockholm Gay & Lesbian Network:

Christina Guggenberger, project manager, Stockholm Gay & Lesbian Network at Stockholm Visitors Board, phone: +46 8 508 28533, christina.guggenberger@stockholm.se.

Ann-Charlotte Jönsson, PR Manager Stockholm Visitors Board, phone: +46 8 508 28 507, ann-charlotte.jonsson@stockholm.se

Magnus Lindbergh, Marketing Manager VisitSweden USA , phone: +16462263588, magnus.lindbergh@visitsweden.com.

Stockholm Visitors Board (SVB) is the official visitors bureau of Stockholm. SVB works on a long term basis with the marketing and development of Stockholm and the Stockholm Region as a travel destination. SVB is a Subsidiary of Stockholm Business Region and owned by the City of Stockholm. www.visitstockholm.com

The Stockholm Gay and Lesbian Network is a partner based project within Stockholm Visitors Board, which works to market and developmental Stockholm as an interesting and attractive destination towards the LGBT segment. gaylesbian.visitstockholm.com

Stockholm Pride is the largest Pride Festival in Scandinavia and is working to highlight LGBT issues and create a sanctuary for gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. In 2012 the Festival attracted 50,000 participants and 540,000 spectators during the Pride Parade. www.stockholmpride.org

About Visit Stockholm

Visit Stockholm is the official tourism promotion agency of Stockholm. We work with the international marketing and development of Stockholm as a travel destination under the brand Stockholm – The Capital of Scandinavia. Visit Stockholm is a subsidiary of Stockholm Business Region, owned by the city of Stockholm. www.visitstockholm.com www.investstockholm.com www.stockholmbusinessregion.com


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